12 Week Pregnancy Coaching

12 Week Pregnancy Coaching

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Booking for SEPTEMBER 2024! Please note that before purchase as there are no refunds. Your exact start date is provided upon questionnaire submission.

Jeanne Marie is a pre and post natal specialist, so you are working with a qualified coach, who has not only you, but your baby's health as her top priority.

Her coaching is meant to guide you during such an important time in your life to maintain the best possible health and fitness regimen that is meant to benefit both you and your baby, during each trimester.

You will learn how to eat appropriately during your pregnancy, exercise efficiently and in a healthy and safe manner.

Your coaching is entirely under the hands of Jeanne Marie alone, her work is never sourced to an assistant. You are working hand in hand with her during the entire duration of your coaching plan- being 12 weeks.

You have weekly check-ins, via email, where any necessary adjustments will be made along the way.
24/7 support throughout the entirety of the week via her app, that app also houses the option to join her community of women, engage with others going through this journey with you. The app also houses your workouts, and video demo's for each movement.
You are able to choose a home or gym plan, the only requirements for home workouts being: dumbbells and resistance bands.

Additionally, you receive a custom cardio regimen, no cardio equipment required.

Her plans also come with custom meal guides compromised of custom macronutrient goals, and 1000 meal and snack idea's and inspiration shared by other clients to help you meet them.
No prior tracking is required, as you will learn along the way!

Jeanne Marie Fitness clients also receive a 14 page manual on the program, and access to a private client Instagram with a constant update of meal inspiration, ways to engage, and important announcements.

Pregnancy coaching clients will receive a 15% discounted rate for signing up for 36 weeks at once.
You must have your OB release you to participate in this program, otherwise weeks will be held for PP coaching.

Training Routines

Training programs designed to help you achieve optimal results whether at home or in the gym, regardless of whether you are a beginner or advanced.

Nutrition Support

Nutrition is fundamental. Alongside your workout regimen, you will also receive macronutrient intake goals created to be conducive to what you are looking to achieve while on your health and wellness journey. No prior knowledge or experience is required or expected!

Weekly Accountability

Stay accountable to results with weekly check-ins, where based on your progress we will make adjustments to your program.

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